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The Portuguese residence-by-investment program for non-EU nationals offers an excellent opportunity to obtain a European residency in return for investing in the most promising economic sectors in Portugal that need funding.

Thus, the country encourages investors to consider new construction projects of four- and five-star hotels or the refurbishment projects of the existing facilities (including Marriott, Hilton, other international brands).

The good news is: to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa an applicant is allowed to buy from a developer a share in a hotel project for only 280,000 EUR. Such low minimum financial requirements are set for applicants going to purchase residential or commercial real estate in sparsely populated rural areas.

Why Is it Worth Investing in a Hotel Property to Get a Golden Visa of Portugal?

Advantages of investing in hotels (if you need to get a Golden Visa for Portugal) include the following benefits:

 Commercial investments in the tourism sector of Portugal are going to be quite profitable in the post-pandemic world.

Such investments do not require technically any further facilitation once they are made (the task of their maintenance is performed by the personnel of the developer /management company).

Investments in construction, especially for the priority development sectors like hotel business in Portugal, quickly create new jobs and promote the overall economic growth of the country.

You as an investor can spend future vacations at the nice hotel in which you have invested.

The profitability of such an investment is higher than that of any residential real estate acquisition.

Which Minimum Investment into a Hotel Property Can Be Sufficient for the Golden Visa of Portugal?

The minimum financial contribution qualifying as a sufficient hotel investment for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal is as follows:

۲۸۰,۰۰۰ EUR in low-density rural areas, where economic development needs an urgent drive (e.g. Evora);

۳۵۰,۰۰۰ EUR in other areas, including major cities and resort areas (Porto, Algarve, etc.).

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