Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse

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The pandemic has aggravated the requirement for nurses and other health professionals in Canada. Canada was experiencing a shortage of nurses, even before the crisis and as such there are many immigration pathways for these healthcare professionals

Nurses fall into one of two categories in the Canadian government’s National Occupation Classification (NOC). Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses are NOC 3012, skill level A, while licensed practical nurses are NOC 3233, skill level B. These skill levels are important because they help determine what kinds of immigration programs that nurses can be eligible for

On April 14, Canada brought in six new streams for people presently working in the country. Two of these are dedicated to healthcare professionals, like nurses. One is specifically for French speakers. Nursing student graduates may be able to take advantage of the new pathways for international students

Canada is planning to accept 20,000 new permanent residents working in healthcare positions in the country, through a temporary program starting May 6. The application window will close on November 5, or when the intake cap is full. The stream for French speakers is open to accept an unlimited number of permanent residents. Eligible candidates need one year of Canadian work experience in one of 40 eligible healthcare professions, and they need to be working at the time of their application. For their language requirements, they need a CLB or NCLC of at least 4 to be eligible. If you are interested in immigrating as a nurse, fill out the form below and contact our immigration consultants in New Life Immigration Company